All information shared is confidential. However, In order for you to receive a quality service, I will receive supervision with a qualified supervisor. This may involve discussions about your therapeutic progress and information about you. This practice is necessary for the effectiveness of the therapy outcome, to support the benefits for you as a client in counselling and to ensure that I am offering the best possible service.

Information will be shared with you GP

  • If you are at risk of harming yourself or other people
  • You are placing children at risk, as defined by the Children Act 1989

Information and records about you will be kept in a locked cabinet. This information will be records of your individual counselling sessions, name, age, gender, contact details and presenting concern for counselling. I adhere to the Data Protection Act 1998 (UK).


Personal information will not be passed or given to any third party outside of your therapy.


The agreed payments are received after every session in cash.


To cancel a booked counselling session, you must give 48 hours’ notice; otherwise you may be liable for costs. You will be charged a non-cancellation fee if you do not keep within the cancellation guidelines as explained above. Contact your therapist on the number or email address provided in the event you are unable to attend a planned session.

Professional Conduct

Practitioner obligation and responsibility to self, client and colleague, is governed by requirements stipulated by the British Psychological Society (2004 (BPS) and the Health Professional Council (HPC). This is intended to assist and clarify judgment regarding clinical practice, organisational context and client circumstance


This website has been developed by for the sole purpose of offering a service of generic counselling. The service is aimed at any individual that would like to receive private counselling and are willing to cooperate, acknowledge, understand and follow the terms and conditions negotiated in the therapeutic relationship.