How Can This Service Help Me?

Individual therapy can offer a private safe space in which to explore difficult issues with a trained professional. It’s an opportunity to take a closer look any underlying issues and a space to work out ways to manage difficult feelings. Individual therapy can be process orientated; where you reflect upon past experience, and/or it can be goal focused; where you focus in on problematic behaviour, feelings or thinking styles.

The collaborative nature of therapy helps you to develop confidence in your abilities to manage difficulties, with resilience. Therapy also helps you to develop and practice helpful coping strategies and feel more able to manage overwhelming emotions. Therapy can also help you to change your thinking style and lessen problematic behaviours, which can reduce stress and improve your emotional wellbeing.

Please read the Services Available page for complete information about the therapy we offer.

How can workshops help?

Group Therapy Workshops

Therapy workshops can provide a short focused therapeutic experience to facilitate personal development. They provide attendees with a range of skills and ideas that can help with common difficulties that people can have with their mood, relationships, communication style and home/work life balance.

Corporate workshops

Corporate workshops provide an experiential learning environment, to facilitate team building, team management, executive coaching and improving customer service and care.